My TEDx Speech, Appreciation of Life, and the Journey Continues

It has been a very busy fall to say the least! My perspective on not believing in irony, but things happening for a reason has been a major change in the way I thought, the way I digested and understood life's events. A gift  I received from my fight with cancer.  I want to say thank you everyone for your support, your inspiration, and for following my journey! I never expected it to go the way it has. Its been humbling; surreal; yet I now get it.  I never asked to have this relationship with cancer. It involved fear, anxiety, and anger.  Those characteristics have evolved into something different, something I understand now.  They have turned into support, inspiration and motivation to those that need it.  I never asked for that to happen.  It just did, and I owned it.  I am well aware that a Grade 3 Astrocytoma is an aggressive cancer, one that required chemo and radiation. I am well aware it could grow back. It has taught me to live in the moment, appreciate life, and hug my wife and kids as much as I can. The book I wrote was for me; it was my catharsis to write, that's why you would always receive updates and messages; it was to clean my soul, to get it off my chest. It made me feel, better; that's why I did it. I never sat down with a goal of writing, it became my way to alleviate the demons that come with cancer.  The reactions, reviews, and personal messages I have received form those affected by cancer, and the families that take on their own journey with cancer have been unexpected and real.  It furthers my perspective that things have happened for a reason.          After the book came out, I started speaking at book stores; that grew to book signings and speeches; that grew to interviews, which started to create main stage speaking and more. People are attracted to the realness;  every family has gone through some type of situation involving cancer, and my story was resonating way deeper than I ever expected. I started to help in cancer support groups, and assumed everyone was like me.  I later found out that strength is not the size of your muscles, its something deep down in our bellies that at the darkest of times we can find and own. Those that can't find it are often inspired by those that have. Another perspective change.  A reason to share more then ever. This week I will be in West Palm, Tampa Bay, and Springfield, MA, and we will be at right about 20 cities in the last 12 weeks that we have shared my book, my story, and the new pair of lenses I look through due to my experience with cancer. We are helping people all over the country find strength, support and making them aware they are not alone on the path they have been put on. This has just started; the book was written for a reason; we have lots more love to share and people to help!           I wanted to pass along my recent TEDx Talk; an 18-minute speech I hope you are able to watch and appreciate. Please share it with others; share it with those that have been through cancer, those families that have dealt with it, and those who need to know they are not alone in their fight. Thank you everyone for your support, your inspiration, and for following my journey!  This journey has a long way to go; it's all happening for a reason. I could not have done it without an amazing support group, friends and family.  Thank you for giving me the courage to share my story, my perspective and allowing me to embrace a place of clarity, understanding, and appreciation.  For information on the book, please go my website, for those that have read it we love to get reviews as well!  In May we will be doing the Broad Street Run again with a goal to pass $125k in charitable contributions to brain cancer charities to help beat this evil disease and support the families going through it!       Thank You For All Your Love and Support, We are All Doing Great Things,

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