Realness and Purity Connect Us Deeply

I wrote “Starting at the Finish Line” for me. It was my catharsis for dealing with being diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. I saw how important support was; that came in a variety of different ways. It became apparent that everyone has taken on some challenge in life, and hearing stories of others sharing their journey provided an inspiration and motivation that words can’t justify. It was a new way of providing support that I had clarity on. I’m speaking all over the country, book signings, TedX Talks, people always want to share their own stories with those that have inspired them. I see this everyday, but I received a shirt in the mail today form an event I did with King Financial Network and Jim King which initiated this #vlog. Brining in the right speakers to truly connect with others goes further then you think. Thank you King Financial Network for reminding me of that today! Who are you bringing in to build to truly connect with those that mean the most to you?



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