Support is About Being There From Start To Finish

Support is deeply valued, and often essential during difficult times. Oddly enough, it's often not seen or utilized properly until it's needed the most. When people go through difficult times in life, it's the support that often ignites the flame of inspiration to help drive them to take on the battles they have been faced with; this involves family, friendships and business. Being there for others when things are bad cements our place in their lives on a multitude of levels. Unfortunately, many don't realize that it's not just about being present and prevalent at the beginning of the difficulty; it's about being there for the entire journey to provide love and support when others disappear. On this week's 4 minute Starting at the Finish Line VLOG, I was made deeply aware of how few people truly stick around for the whole journey; those that do earn a special place that many didn't know existed. Who can you check in on today to #inspire and let know they are not alone on the path they have been placed on?


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