This One's For You Brain Cancer Warrior!
Sharing my story by #writing and #speaking was a cathartic measure I took to alleviate the fear and anxiety that accompanied being diagnosed with #braincancer at 39 years old. It allowed me to see life differently; to let others know they are not alone on the path they have been place don; and the real essential value of true financial planning. It has been an amazing opportunity that I feel happened for a reason. The other side of that is the people I have #globallyconnected with who are looking for #inspiration and #support. I learned quickly we are a #Family of #Warriors. I was talking to my #friend Chris Madden today about doing an event for his clients and prospects via Zoom. I told him I spoke about a year ago in Houston for Karen Graham and Kimberly King; through Kim I met an amazing #person and #advisor @shawnbabendure, who had been diagnosed with a #braintumor. I reached out; he read my book; and we would continually #inspire each other. Chris told me today he passed away about a month ago, and my heart dropped. I have gotten used to this news; it happens pretty often; but the pain and anger of what #cancer does will never be alleviated until we end it. Hug your kids and your loved ones today. This ones for you Shawn.
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