With All the Craziness in the World, We All Have Something to be THANKFUL For!

2020 has been a year none of us will ever forget. There has been a pandemic, riots, looting, and more craziness in a year than many of us can remember. There has been terrible things that have occurred to many lives, families and businesses. It's real and leaves an indelible mark on us.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. With all the bad that has occurred in the past, with the unknown of the future, we all have something, somewhere, we are thankful for. Tomorrow try and live in the moment, and appreciate and be THANKFUL for the now.  We all know someone who has been present and prevalent for us during these times of turmoil. It's a great day to share thankfulness with a quick little personal note of true thanks. Is that not what tomorrow has turned into? A day of thanks and gratitude, let's use that good and for one day avoid the bad! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  

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