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Sometimes in life, we have bad days, then there are those other times where it feels like life just hit us square in the face and knocked us to the ground.

Starting at the Finish Line is one man's inspiring story of what you do when you find yourself on the ground.  This book is a testament to all because, on occasion, we all face hard times, but as Matt Newman's story will show, it's not about the hard times we face, it's about how we react to them."

Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles Enterprises LLC
NCAA Wrestling Champion despite being born with one leg, ESPN Wrestling Analyst, ESPY winner, author of "Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated - How I Became a Champion"
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I've had the pleasure of seeing Matthew present at many events. Every single one ends in a standing ovation with very few dry eyes in the audience. It's personally gratifying to see Matthew connect with and make a difference in so many people's lives. It's rare to see someone find their true calling and purpose - to share the lessons learned from his experience and bring people together in the battle against cancer."

Ryan Bertrand, Vice President and Managing Director, Advanced Markets, Transamerica
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The incredible story of dealing with the horrific challenges that cancer brings and having the fortitude to stay strong is so moving. All of our employees and participants could not say enough about it. As a wealth management firm, it brings to light the importance in all that we do - the best planning is recognized most when the challenges in life come our way no matter from which direction. This is an important story for everyone out there to hear!"

Marc L. Scudillo, CFP, CPA, MBA, CBEC, AIFA, Managing Director, Eisner Amper
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I first met Matt nearly 20 years ago, when he started covering my office. Even though he was a young and inexperienced wholesaler, Matt quickly rose to the top of his profession. He worked harder than anyone else and he knew his products and his competitors' products inside and out. He became a huge asset to advisors and was always there for them with anything they needed to help close a sale. Even in those early years, Matt had few equals. Many years later, when Matt was diagnosed with..... and later defeated...cancer, he emerged with a new and different energy and perspective. He still had a mastery of all of the products in the marketplace, but his focus was different. Sure, the products matter- and I don't want to minimize that- but after overcoming his health challenges, Matt's conversations and presentations changed. Matt now teaches us how to lead better lives, more balanced lives, healthier lives. In doing so, Matt helps us be better assets to our firms, helps us be better fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, and helps us become more valuable advisors to our clients. I was fortunate to meet Matt 20 odd years ago when he first walked through my office door, and I am even more fortunate today to call him a friend!"

Marc J. Del Gaudio, CFP®, President, Allied Wealth Partners
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I've had the privilege to know and work with Matt the past 10 years. Recently, I had Matt speak to two groups of my top prospects and clients to share his moving story. My group held on to every word, and walked away Inspired, Encouraged, and more prepared to help their own clients face challenges."

Chris Cronin, Regional Vice President, Transamerica
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It is captivating that Matt Newman has turned his life threatening situation into a learning experience for people. Being a financial advisor myself, Matt's story confirms the need to plan for the unexpected. Matt is a true ambassador for reminding people the need to create a strategy and also to be a warrior in a fight to beat cancer."

Rich DeMaria, President, Wealth Capital Group
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Matt Newman elicited praise and appreciation from my top clients that I had never received from any of the speakers or events that I have hosted in the past 10 years. This was a truly unique experience that genuinely connects with people. Never have so many attendees asked me to ensure that they are on the guest list when Newman comes back this summer."

Matt Brown, Regional Vice President, Transamerica
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