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We Learn the Greatest Lessons in Life at the Deepest and Darkest of Times

Matt unpacks this paradox as he shares his new lens for looking at life and the gifts we are given.

Westgate Hotel Las Vegas at the WFG Sales Meeting

Matt delivers a keynote talk full of humor and passion to a room of financial industry professionals.

Learning Life's Greatest Lessons

Matt drops into the King Financial offices and talks briefly about the greatest lessons that life has taught him.

The Three Rules For Financial Professionals

Matt advises a group of financial professionals on the three basic rules that all advisors should follow.

RIA Channel

Hear Matt's experiences being a financial products wholesaler and why he believes that people don't buy products, they buy people.

Turn Tragedy Into Success

Watch Matt's interview with Success Made Simple's host, Scott Aaron. Hear the personal journey of Matt's ups, downs, and triumphs.

King Financial Group Meeting

Watch as Matt coaches this audience on the important aspects of life, the downward spiral and how he avoided it, and why it's important to have a financial planner by your side.

Mutual of Omaha National Sales Symposium in Omaha, NE

Watch as Matt delivers a critical message to sales professionals about why people don't buy products or services -- they buy people.

Brain Cancer Diaries 29: Starting at the Finish Line with Matthew Newman

Rudy Fischmann listens to the author, motivational speaker, financial services expert, and best-selling author of the book, "Starting at the Finish Line Matthew Newman about how his brain cancer diagnosis changed his relationship with his family and overall outlook on life.


Hollie Fraser, founder of Books On The Move, worldwide book-sharing movement, creative director and ideaXme literature, reading and writing ambassador interviews Matthew Newman, 2019 best Kindle book author. His mission is to help the wider public and to encourage financial preparedness. He does this by telling his story of brain cancer survival and the business lessons and wisdom, he learned as a result. Matthew's book was named a Best Kindle Unlimited Books for 2019. 

The Corrie Lo Show

The Importance of Financial Disaster Plans - with Matt Newman

Selling From the Heart

Featuring Matt Newman

ALLATRA TV Creative Society

Featuring Special Guest Matthew Newman

Capital Health Cancer Center

Matthew Newman's Experience with Capital Health Cancer Center

Medigap Plans of America Interview with Kris Cowles

Talk the Talk w/Moe Orr Podcast

Listen to Matt cover topics from his therapy through playing the guitar, his love for the New York Giants, Knicks and the New York Yankees, to his battle with brain cancer.

The Sean Lowery Show

A New Kind of Man

Strength Creates Success with Matt Newman

Cam Williamson Host of Road 2 Redemption Podcast

Matt shares his story of courage, friendship and perseverance.

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